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Just a warning, this isn’t a normal journal entry. I’ve got one I’m thinking about, but not much is new with me overall. But after reading a story arc in the DC comics/ Green Lantern universe, I’ve really been thinking about the entries I do dealing with my Emotional/Spiritual world and I think the concept in there really works well for organizing thoughts and feelings so I may be implementing that within my worlds.
But for now, here’s the talk on “prayer” I gave a couple weeks ago, word for word. Two friends that are on my Facebook gets references in this talk (one of which gets two). See if you can find them. Hope those who read enjoy.

So I’ve been asked to give a talk on “prayer” this evening.
To do that, one needs to understand prayer and what it is. The first question then becomes, “what is prayer?”
It seems like a simple enough question to answer on the surface. I thought I knew the answer. But before I went any further, something prompted me to see what others said. I wanted to see what people from other walks aside from the church would say.
The first person I asked was my sister, Tabitha. At first, she said that it was a big question and the answer could come from different points of views. Eventually she settled on “it’s just talking with God”.
I then asked a second person, a good friend online. His answer was, “praying is simply talking to God, be it aloud or silent.”
The third person I asked was my son Bryan. I thought the perspective of youth would be a refreshing one. He answered with the following: “Prayer is when you talk to God and Jesus and tell them what you’ve done and what you’d like”.
That blew my mind. Out of the three answered, Bryan’s was the most accurate (if not a little off still). But I was amazed because it also showed how in tune children are with God, or can be when nurtured.
In fact, his answer reminded me of a quote by President Hinkley. He said:

“The trouble with most of our prayers is that we give them as if we were picking up the telephone and ordering groceries – we place our order and hang up. We need to meditate, contemplate, think of what we are praying about and for and then speak to the Lord as one man speaketh to another.”

So with that in mind, I have to ask again, “What is prayer”? The Bible Dictionary defines it as this: Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father and the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other.
I really felt drawn to that key phrase. “…the will of the Father and the will of the child…”
When “will” is brought into the equation than it’s implied that prayer is more than simple talking. It’s more than just words. There’s, meaning, essence, focus behind it. You have to have your heart, your mind and your spirit behind it.
So now to answer the main question of “What is prayer?”, you have to understand the purpose of prayer. What is the purpose? Again, the Bible Dictionary defines it as:

The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them.

So this not only tells us the purpose, it tells us something else about prayer. It tells us our prayers should be selfless. It’s not just about us. ”…but to secure for ourselves and for others…”
Now, we have an understanding of purpose and how praying reflects of us in the eyes of our Heavenly Father. The next question is what should prayer then, entail? What do we say? In other words, what do we say and do? The scriptures give us several examples.

”Nevertheless the children of God were commanded that they should gather themselves together oft, and join in fasting and mighty prayer in behalf of the welfare of the souls of those who knew not God”
-Alma 6:6 (The Book of Mormon)

Again, there’s that selflessness. Prayer for the welfare of others who know not God. This can be physically if they are ill, or spiritually to help them be content or happier, or to help them find God. This can be a friend, a neighbor or people we don’t even know across the world. The Bible Dictionary tells us all we have to do is simply ask of him.

”Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”
-St. Matthew 7:7 (The Holy Bible)

This entails several things. Ask and it shall be given; meaning if you ask that your family be fed, or in good health, this can be given. To seek and find; meaning if you seek the spirit or comfort, if you seek God, you will find him there in your prayers. Opened unto you is about knowledge. If you seek knowledge in him or the scripture, ask and he will make it clear.

”But that ye would humble yourselves before the Lord, and call on his holy name, and watch and pray continually, that ye may not be tempted above that which ye can bear, and thus be led by the Holy Spirit, becoming humble, meek, submissive, patient, full of love and all long-suffering; Having faith on the Lord; having a hope that ye shall receive eternal life; having the love of God always in your hearts, that ye may be lifted up at the last day and enter into his rest.”
-Alma 13:28 – 29 (The Book of Mormon)

I really love this one because it says so much. We’re taught Prayer can help us be humble, more patient and loving with each other, an expression of our faith in our Heavenly Father. It is also a way to keep the Spirit with us; for comfort, for protection, for guidance and for warmth. But the biggest part for me in that is that it teaches us that it can help protect us from temptation.
I have a friend I met back in my ward from PA. She told me two things that have stuck with me through all the years because of the power and truth behind them. One was that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. And this verse backs that up. Prayer can help us keep the Spirit with us and avoid and fight off temptations.
The second thing I take away from this scripture is patience. And for anyone who has children, you understand.

There are many other examples I could draw from but I think this should suffice for the time allotted.
But as important as it is to know how to pray and what for and why, one should bear in mind the risks and results of the opposite. For instance:

”And when ye spread forth your hands, I will hide mine eyes from you: yea, when ye make many prayers, I will not hear: your hands are full of blood.”
-Isaiah 1:15 (the Holy Bible)

This verse, as well as the chapter is referring to hypocrisy. If you are full sin and still put on the act of faithfulness in God to him (in other words, all talk and no action), then God will not answer. He will not see you and he will not hear because you aren’t truly having faith in him. You do not act in his name. “Faith without works is dead.” This also refers back to that key phrase, “…will of the child.” If you do not follow through with your actions, then your will is not behind your prayers. That then is not a prayer at all.
Howard W. Hunter once said:

”If prayer is only a spasmodic cry at the times of crisis, then it is utterly selfish, and we come to think of God as a repairman or a service agency to help us only in our emergencies. We should remember the Most High day and night – always – not only at times when all other assistance has failed and we desperately need help.”

He teaches us prayer can become a selfish act, which is against what Alma teaches us. Prayer is supposed to be an act of selflessness, not selfishness. When we constantly go, “me me me. Gimmie gimmie gimmie.” To our Heavenly Father, it is selfish and I would add disrespectful.

So how do we keep our prayers honest and sincere? How do we make sure we are praying for the right reasons; that we are putting our will into it?
Because there is also risk of prayers becoming stagnant from saying the same things over and over, there are certain things we can do.
I’m reminded now of the second most inspiring thing my good friend had told me. She wrote me once, “find something unique, no matter how small to be thankful for each time”. This stood out to me because it makes you think. Each and every time you have to take a moment to think about what you’ve said before and find something new. This helps to break habit.
Another thing I personally do is instead of just giving thanks for my friends, I specifically name them. Not every one because that can be a lot. I have my steadfast list, but I also try to add one or two I may not have mentioned by name previously.
When you ask the Lord to help that person or persons who do not know God, maybe be specific. For instance, I will randomly pick a neighbor or home within my neighborhood. I may not know their names, but I can name their location. For me, this gives it something personal to me as well as helping someone I don’t know. When you give thanks for people at church, name some by name.
It’s getting specific that forces us to slow down and take our time, to be sincere in our efforts and to show we’re committed to the bigger picture.
I want to close by giving my testimony of the Church and in prayer. I won’t say a full testimony because I’m always learning, always finding myself with a new experience and inspiration by the Spirit to believe. But I know Prayer is an amazing thing and a key in our faith and relationship with our Heavenly Father. And if it wasn’t for Prayer, this church wouldn’t be today and I wouldn’t be here now expressing my belief and giving this talk now.
I say these things in the name of thy son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I hope those who read, enjoy this talk as much as I had researching and writing it.

Emotional Undertone:
touched touched
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”In a way, I need a change
From this burnout scene
Another time, another town
Another everything
But it's always back to you.”
- O.A.R., Shattered

I think that sums me up anymore. I need some kind of change in my life. Something that can break me free from whatever is gripping me, holding me down in ways I can’t fully explain. But no matter the change I need, I always come back to the same things. I always find myself wanting to go back to something from the past. A person, a place.
I feel like each day is a struggle to just keep moving forward sometimes.

I know a lot of this stems from just feeling lonely. I don’t get to meet many people in my life. I am up 7 in the morning and earliest I get home is 6pm (give or take). Then I got to make dinner for me and Bryan, clean, make sure things are ready to do it all again. Twice a week I don’t get home till 9pm (give or take) because I close at work and have to pick up Bryan at his mother’s.
I don’t begrudge my lifestyle. It is what it is and I have it a lot easier than most. Sure I have the occasional worry about a bill but overall, I make ends meet and I enjoy what I do get to do. I just wish there were other aspects I could enjoy too.
I was told I could leave Bryan with my mother and go on a date, but it doesn’t feel right. Even if by some chance I found someone worth going on a date with, I feel like I’m brushing off my responsibility to Bryan. Maybe that isn’t true realistically, but I still feel like it. I feel if I’m not working and he’s not at his mother’s, then I should be watching him. Does that make sense?

Aside from that, things have been okay, except I never feel caught up on sleep. So I get little done even on what few fun things I get to do cause I’m lying down trying to recoup my strength. But while my Xbox 360 might be feeling a little under used, I HAVE used it, so I can get into that right now.

Call of Duty 2: I had started this a while ago but wasn’t too far into it. All the achievements (except for 2) are for beating the game on Veteran, so I just started on that difficulty. It took me a bit, but I got it in a total of 4 days. I didn’t think that was bad, being my first CoD game I completed on Veteran. I actually really enjoyed the storyline. And the levels, while some parts really made me angry, were overall really well done. I was really impressed with this game. The biggest thing to get over is that I started the CoD games with 4, so some game features I was used to weren’t implemented yet (no sprint or grenade throw back). Otherwise, well done and I felt very accomplished and satisfied with beating this game. So, that’s a 1000/1000 Achievements for this one.

Viking: Battle For Asgard: This one I had originally beaten a couple years ago when I bought it new, cheap. However, I had missed 5 Achievements, so I went back for another playthrough to get the rest. After 3 days, I beat the game again on Hard difficulty and got the remaining achievements. Overall, the game is not hard at all on Hard and the end boss is ridiculously easy. So that’s another 1000/1000 achievements.

Pac-Man: I was missing 1 achievement for this game and it took me a good while to get it but I did it. Now I’m 200/200
Pac-Man: Championship Edition: Finished this off for another 200/200.

Aside from that, I’ve just been messing around in other games. Battlefield 1943, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, BioShock 2, Battfield: Bad Company 2 (which I have most Achievements for now), finished up DragonAge’s latest DLC, worked on Dante’s Inferno’s new DLC (prob won’t get one achievement  ). I think that’s about it.

Aside from that, not much more to tell. I finished the book Star Wars: Death Troopers. I was surprised that the book was as good as it was. I hesitated to read a Star Wars horror novel, but this one was do well. There was a lot of sad scenes with some truly scary, some classic heroics from Han and Chewie and others. I really liked it. There were some plot points I’d have preferred to be made a little clearer or spread out but overall, I can’t complain at all. Very good read.

And that’s it. I have some other things I want to type, but they deserve entries of their own rather than mix them into here. So until then, later.

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I’ve been wanting to write a LiveJournal. I haven’t written since January but every time I go to write I just don’t have the energy or desire. I mean, I want to update, to keep up, but sometimes I feel so depressed over things I just don’t want to face that. I often prefer just shutting the world away.

So much time has passed; I’m not sure if it’s worth mentioning everything that’s transpired or if I should ignore it all and start with today.
I’m not sure if that’s really an option. I’ll try to plug in key parts, but I can’t possibly fill in on everything.

For those who don’t know (and I think most do), I was in an accident back on March 4th. Both Bryan and I were fine and the thing was a stupid error on my part. I simply missed seeing a car and in the end I lost the front end of my car. The other driver was fine, but her car ruined too.
So, after years, I no longer drive a Ford Focus wagon (and I loved that car!). I drive now a Mercury Sable LE. It’s a really nice car and I don’t regret having it. But I’ll always miss that Focus. I’m still getting issues worked out with this car but overall, I can’t complain.

Work has been slow. If not for the good graces of God, I don’t know where my paychecks would be because it seems a miracle every time I see my commission staying on average. Very little customers, but what few come in are spending a bit more so it’s balancing. Barely, but it is.
Things seem to be going up and down with Elaine (boss) though. I dunno, I suppose if I look back it happens periodically. Maybe I read too much into what I see/hear. I overreact and it’s just her having a day. Or maybe I’m reading things perfectly clear and I walk away cut and bleeding by the end because I don’t know how to defend myself.
For instance today 3 things were said that I really just got thrown off guard about.
The first was about our vacations. At one point she had said she wanted a week notice. Okay, this Monday I asked her if it was enough time to request Mon – Wed off next week. I even went as far as saying if not it wasn’t a big deal because I had no plans for the vacation days. I’m just using them to use them. If it was inconvenient due to schedule, I didn’t mind at all waiting. She told me no problem. Well, yesterday, the semi newbie employee (she’s been here not quite a year) put in her two weeks (which Elaine and I both saw coming anyways). With that in mind I asked if she wanted me to wait. She said no cause now was the time before she left and we had to wait till a new person was hired and trained.
So today the semi newbie (who still has 3 days vacation herself left) said she wanted to take next Friday off (he last day) so she could make sure she had everything in order before she moved (hence why she’s leaving). Well, this seemed to be a trigger point and I noticed Elaine’s attitude/demeanor shift. I asked what was wrong and she threw up both the semi newbie and my own vacation. “I asked everyone when you were all given your vacation days to think when you all wanted them and let me know”. Yeah… okay, I’m not planning my vacation 3 months in advanced. I didn’t even use all my days last year. Not to mention she had also before said one week notice. And I reminded her she’s said that. “Well I didn’t know she was gonna want to take off Friday”. And I did? It’s not my fault. And I still told Elaine I could postpone; it wasn’t a big deal if I took these days. I had no plans. “No, take them, gotta use them sooner or later”. You know what, I’ve given more than enough chances for you to keep me on if needed. Don’t dare get pissy with me now and make me feel like I should regret that I took 3 of my ELEVEN (was twelve, used one already) vacation days! Should I NEVER take them just incase??
The second thing she made a comment about (which was out of the blue) was that she’d wait till next week to hire the new guy (the week I would be on vacation). She said she’d train him them. And made a point to say, “May not be how YOU want him trained, but I’ll train him.” Uh, okay? It’s not my frameshop. Since when did I train anyway but her way? I can only train people how I was taught. At one point I misheard and thought she said she liked me to train. She said no, SHE liked to train her own people. This is in direct contradiction to what she told me a couple years ago. She said then she didn’t like to. So, given the 2 things together and the implications within, somewhere along the line I guess she’s accusing me of screwing up and doing something wrong. How lovely and completely random talk down.
Third thing was a comment about how I sometimes make her feel like she works for me. “You answer the phones, take orders, and prep a lot of the stuff. All I does is put some frames together” what the heck? This is coming from the same person who would prefer us to find something to do as opposed to standing around and reading whenever possible. She doesn’t want us working through the frames too quick and “working ourselves out of a job”. Okay, so I do other things like put the frames out, prep, answer the phones. These ARE all things I am supposed to do and can do. Now I’m doing it too much and making her feel like I’m in charge? I don’t boss her around or tell her what to do. She said she doesn’t pay us enough to work a “tight shift”. No, I’m not paid $10 - $15 an hour. Okay, I didn’t know I had to be paid huge bucks to have a work ethic. How bad is that when working TOO well makes me a bad employee and I get to be made feel bad about it?

I guess that leads me to my fit of depression today. I think to through the years of being there. There are times I feel like we’re good friends more or less. She brings me food, I treat her when I can in small ways, we talk about a lot of things, and we can have really good talks, or laugh. I feel like it’s a place I want to come back to every day.
Then there’s days like this where things like those said can make me feel like nothing ever mattered and everyone would be better for not ever knowing me.
When these kind of things happen, I’m always brought back to how she’s said she doesn’t go to work to make friends. And I think to a lot of others who’ve said the same thing. And I get so upset and hurt because I can’t imagine where you wouldn’t want to know you can wake up and look forward to going to work because hey, you’re off to see your friends! Yes, I know, it’s said you shouldn’t mix work with friendship because it can muddy things. You know what, then you’re weak willed. I would never let a friend abuse me to where it was like that. There are rules to be followed and REAL friends wouldn’t expect you to let them abuse or ignore them. I hate how distant people want to be, especially when it makes me feel it’s just one more place I don’t belong. Bad enough family and so called friends have treated me like that. Now I’m paid to go through it when I work too?
I see why people can drift through life, not knowing when or where to settle. I see little places left that I’d want to settle anymore. And fewer still that I feel welcomed enough to do so.

In regards to my hobbies, I don’t know how I’m gonna list them, it’s a lot.

Reading: I can’t go into a lot about all these, but I can list ones I’ve finished.
1.) Star Wars: Crosscurrent - This one took me a bit to get into only because of the dialogue seemingly so awkward. The author had a good story, good action, and everything was smooth sailing except when someone spoke. Then it was like everyone, no matter the character, had to speak almost as if they were all Star Trek’s Data. Just, weird. The most intriguing part of the story is that it follows no mains and that the main character is Jadon Korr, Kyle Katarn’s apprentice form Jedi Academy game.
2.) Star Wars: The Clone Wars: No Prisoners - another great book, this series is typing together the Clone Wars animated series VERY nicely with the Expanded Universe novels. This one really addresses the issue of No Attachments, focusing on the rogue sect of Jedi Callista belonged to, even having Anakin meet them. A good read with some nice Clone Trooper perspective to boot.
3.) Star Wars: Imperial Commando:501st - This continues the Republic Commando series of books by Karen Traviss. As one of my fave series of books, up there with the X-wing series, this is all I need to say. Looooved it!
4.) Star Wars: Rebel Forces: Firefight - young Reader series that takes place between ANH and ESB. I really like the mixing of classic era with some prequels and between era characters. Luke visits Kamino in this book and meets a character form Last of the Jedi series.
5.) Star Wars: Rebel Forces: Trapped - continues the series and brings together a few more characters form the past young reader books, while also starting Luke down the path we see him build to in the beginning of ESB.
6.) Halo: Evolutions: Essential Tales of the Halo Universe - These are the stories Halo: Legends should have told! These were amazing stories from all walks of life in Halo. From Colony worlds to the main military, to Spartans IIs and IIIs to ODSTs, Covenant and even Cortana. A must read to give a real perspective on the universe outside the games.
7.) Star Trek: Voyager: Unworthy - This puts a lot of things back on track for Voyager. I really enjoyed this book and more so the unexpected twist with Species 8472. All I can say is read.

Movies: Not a lot here.
1.) Avatar - Bought the Blu Ra. Beautiful movie, good characters, good story. Not the stuff of legends as some would have you think, but a really good foundation to be one. In need of a prequel though because I feel you’re thrust too far into the development of things.
2.) Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakual - Got on blu ray. Loved the first so I had to get this. I enjoyed this one too but it wasn’t as good as the first. Still, solid movie and worth it for chipmunk fans.
3.) Halo: Legends -Honestly, I haven’t watched the whole thing. I loved the intro with Cortana. And here were a couple good stories. But some were just really bad. The art overall, again, except for the Cortana intro, was just meh to bad in my opinion. I was really disappointed with what I’ve seen thus far, but I’m gonna hold on final judgment till I finish it.

I guess that’s it for now. I know this is long, but I’m gonna try to keep up more. I know, I say that every time. Shouldn’t be so hard now that I’ve gotten this much out of the way.

Emotional Undertone:
depressed depressed
* * *
So, now that I’m all caught up on the main events, what have I been up to? Anything great and exciting in my life??
But, let’s see what we can find, shall we?

Work has been having a few ups and downs with money. For the most part, everything’s been okay. But there was one check that was about #30 less than I usually make and it hurt. And of course, that was including the week with the snow. *Sigh*. Fortunately, the one after was back on track, but it hurt with extra bills I’ve had to deal with.

Specifically, I got my electric bill for last month. It hurt. A LOT. My budget allowed for up to $150. And the month prior had been $116, so I thought I was doing well. This month was $235!!! I screamed. I didn’t know what to do!
I know it’d been colder than usual and I know I left the heat on somewhat more than I normally do so my pipes didn’t freeze. But dang, that was more than double!
Fortunately, I got things worked out with the electric company and hopefully can get this paid off now. I put down a payment of $150 and doing everything to keep my electric costs down this month. That means I’ve had little to NO heat running the last week. It’s been chilly, yes, but that’s why we have blankets and long sleeve shirts. If I can keep it low enough, I can pay something over the normal amount and help pay it off that way.
Here’s hoping.

Bryan and I have still been doing the 8pm – 9pm no TV/video games/electronics thing. It’s been pretty nice. I can read, he plays with his toys (he recently got a Master chief action figure and has been abusing Jedi with it. Go figure) and it’s just fun.

As for what I’ve been doing, let’s go over the basics:

Reading: I finally finished Gears of War: Jacinto’s Remnant last week. I really loved this book, more than the first one! I found that doubly interesting because this book really doesn’t deal with the Locusts. They’re there to a degree, but just little spurts since at this point, it’s shortly after the end of Gears of War 2 and this book is presenting the COGs view of the war being over. Since we know a Gears 3 is on the way, we can only speculate if the game will build what Karen Traviss has set up, or if Karen has to destroy everything we’ve seen built thus far.
The book instead is heavily focused on picking up the pieces. Trying to figure out how to pull society back together after such a LONG period (almost a century, give or take) of war in one way or another. They have to try and incorporate Stranded, which hasn’t been easy and we see Dom’s heavy struggle with his shocking events laid out in Gears 2 (no spoilers here ;) ). We also learn a lot more about Bernie, a COG introduced in the first Gears book and one I really enjoy. It’s an older woman (compared to the COGs we see in the games) and she is very troubled with people, Stranded in general and about halfway through we figure out why and what her dark secret is.
This was a powerful and somewhat dark story plot and if it hadn’t been handled well, it would have left a very bad taste in people’s mouths I think. But it’s Karen, so I had faith and I was rewarded. This is a classic example of pushing characters to their breaking point and seeing them step for the first time over that line. She crossed it, and Karen did this in such a way as to make you think. Because you can sympathize with the why but not per say the how.
If you’re a fan of the games, I definitely recommend picking these books up!
Now, I’m reading Star Wars: Darth Bane: Dynasty of Evil and I’m enjoying this book too. This is dealing with the transition from Bane and apprentice to the Apprentice taking over Master. Reading how this is happening is really neat and I can’t wait to finish it. I’m about a little over a third done.

I know, some people seem to think I enjoy everything I read *cough*Marc*cough* (just kidding!). But trust me when I say I’ve read some I wasn’t thrilled with to ones I can almost hate. Pretty much they left a bad taste in my mouth and I won’t read them again. Like what?

1.) Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Devils’ Heart (horrible Trek Book with only one small part I liked)
2.) Star Trek: Engines of Destiny: It wasn’t BAD, but it wasn’t GREAT either. Characters felt very very off to me.
3.) Star wars: Children of the Jedi: Mediocre and while it introduced potential and a love interest for Luke, the story was bland. Though, arguably, the Han, Leia and Chewie parts were good and felt right. It was just the Luke parts I didn’t care for and at the time, Luke was my favorite!
4.) Star Wars: Jedi Trial: Bland. That’s all I can say. There were parts I liked, but overall, I felt nothing for the situation.

So as you can see, there are some I didn’t care for or like!

Video Games: I haven’t played a lot as far as variety goes, but I’ve been playing one game a lot. Dragon Age: Origins which is a roleplayer by Bioware, using the same interface and game mechanics as Mass Effect. The game has some nice graphics, if not quite up to Mass Effect standards, but that’s okay. The storyline is AMAZING and I love everything about this game. I’ve completed one playthrough and have experienced all the origin stories and all the endings, and I’m playing through a 2nd time as a Mage (first game was a Warrior) and still discovering new elements. The story takes into consideration if you’re playing as a male or female and as such, certain elements will change. Your race will also play an effect, so it’s really neat to see all the different elements come together to from something different from your other playthroughs. The game will also take into consideration your attitude/decisions/actions into account, forming different ways people react to you and further affecting what options are open to you and affecting the story here and there.
What’s also nice is the DLC. Depending on the version you got of the game and where, you get a nice amount of it. The Collector’s Edition (which I got) came with 3 exclusive items for download, a suit of armor (also “usable” in Mass Effect 2), and The Stone Prisoner DLC (which is 1200 MS points online otherwise). I understand if you preordered at Gamestop, you got a couple other items as well, but to me, paying the tax on the game was paying for those items.
There’s other sets of DLC as well and I have to say I loved them all. Each added something different, 1 even adding some closure on a main event in the game itself.
If you have a Ps3, Xbox360 or PC, like RPGs and into Fantasy…GET THIS! I promise you’ll love it.

Aside from that though, I haven’t done a whole lot. Work is keeping me busy and the nights I close, I don’t get home now till 9pm because of travel time to pick up Bryan before I can go home.

That’s about it for now. I feel like I’m missing some things, but I’ll get them sooner or later if I recall them. Till later!

* * *
I know, a long time between explosions and this is probably going to turn out to be a small bang rather than an explosion.

Not much happened since they left the night of the 18th. The bright spot was finally having one more White Christmas in my lifetime. Not that there isn’t a chance for it again, but it’s rare to get snow at all, let alone around that time around here. I was very happy. In fact, it snowed enough that work opened late and closed early that Saturday (the 19th) and stuck around a decent while.

Christmas itself was…OKAY. It wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t all that great. I ended up getting a nice Southpole t-shirt, box of chocolates and $10 gift card to McDonald’s from my boss which was really cool of her. From my mother, I got a cool Halo Wars t-shirt. And from my father I got $40, only because he felt guilty about some of the things we had argued about, but he didn’t buy anyone else anything, or give them money except his grandkids and Tabitha and her husband. And that was just baby stuff.

I did find out my father made some stupid comments to Tabitha and my mother the night of the 26th when he came down for his part of Christmas. He had come down the evening of the 26th, calling me in advanced that morning even to ask if I was going to be available for dinner. (Un)fortunately I was not as Michelle, Michael, Steven, Brandon and I had all made plans to go see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks “squeakual” that evening.
Right there I think that annoyed him but he didn’t say anything. Just, “Okay, that’s fine.” He did ask me to let him know when I got home so he could drop off some of my stuff, one of which was my newly repaired computer.
So, after the movie (which by the way, we had a lot of fun at and was really good, fun movie) we went back to my mothers to take them back and pick up some groceries that my mother picked up for me.
When I gathered it all up and paid her, I made the comment I had to get back for father and she mentioned that dad had been at Tabitha’s when they got back from shopping and talked to them there.
Part of the conversation entailed details on when Tabitha, my mother and Ron (my stepfather) all came over to help me clean my house just prior to Bryan leaving (was right after my accident). They were a very huge help, getting my Living Room and Kitchen completely in order (and 90% of the hall bathroom. I just can’t use my shower now because what things I don’t have a place for left are in that, but it IS scrubbed clean). We had pizza that night and despite the cleaning, it was a lot of fun.
So, when they mentioned it to my father, he makes the comment that she shouldn’t have helped, that it prevented me from “growing up”.
I don’t know anyone who can consistently make me go “W…T…Fetch!?” like my father.
This is going from the guy who was so desperate to be a jerk in how he left our mother that he called home and had daddy pay for #2’s (first step mother) plane ticket to PA!
This is also the same person who, after the third marriage fell apart, moved back in with his own mother!
And is on his 4th marriage.
Yet, I’m the one who wasn’t able to grow up because they helped me clean my own home…
I really don’t know what I can add or say to that. I think I finally found something I can’t make a smart or sarcastic remark to.
And again, I think that’s part of why he gave me $40 the next day before our Christmas get together at Christina’s.

After that, the rest of the days went by pretty uneventful. Bryan came home the next day (which I was very happy to have him back again) and things have been kind of up and down since then.

That more or less, brings us up to the present. I’ll make that its own entry as I want to keep the major catch ups to their own entries.

* * *
* * *
Okay, so here’s the second chunk of my big explosion of information, trying to catch up to the New Year!

So after the accident, the next biggest thing to deal with was birthdays. Specifically, my son’s who was on December 15th. Looking at the calendar, that wasn’t doable since it was during the week. Weekends work best for as big a family as I have.
So, about the first week in December, I called my father up to tell him I had things planned for the 13th, which was the weekend just prior. I couldn’t do it afterwards because Bryan was leaving Friday night (the 18th, my birthday) to go to Arkansas with his mother for the holiday. Also keep in mind I called a week PRIOR to Thanksgiving to try and work something out! All I got told then is “we’ll plan something, don’t worry.”
This turned into a big argument/fight because what do I get told? He has concerts he’s gotta go to throughout the month for his wife.
Again. He was sound tech last year as a temporary fill in and he was claiming the same thing this year.
And it’s not that I begrudge the wife from doing something she enjoys. But its freak’n December! He has my birthday, Bryan’s, Michael’s and then Christmas for everyone! I’m sorry, but I believe children are supposed to come first and any woman marrying into this (or spouse for that matter if the situation was reversed) should understand that going in. She can do her thing, and he should do his. Taking on something that’s gonna take up half the month with random dates is just a big no no.
So, later that night we fought about it on the phone, in my sister Tabitha’s car (she was taking me to pick up mine from a separate issue aside from being hit). And his same defense every time is “I used to go down every year to see you kids.” Note the word “used” in there. Lemme clarify. He came down every year has paid child support, and mostly at the prompting at whichever wife he was with at the time. Having lived with him during his 2nd and 3rd marriage, I can attest to it.
The argument ended shortly after when his current wife made the “brilliant” (please insert sarcasm when reading this) comment about “when was the last time any of his kids drove down to visit him on his birthday.”
Now I’ll admit, I’ve not been down there for his birthday. But I’ve gone down there during the summer for a week’s time for 3 years. Once even my sister Tabitha came. But aside from that, I’m the only one of the kids who goes. It was a matter of working out vacation times with me and Adelle, and short of that, working out the single car we had. So it wasn’t easy. But I did make effort when I could.
But that didn’t count. Let’s also keep in mind this comment was by a person who claims to have a degree in child psychology, has no practice and couldn’t keep a job (twice!) tending to kids. Let’s also add that I’ve seen her do some pretty plain and stupid things with Bryan (small things, but things that lacked a lot of common sense in the bigger picture).
And she’s not getting that one reaps what you sow in life. Dad has been very flakey with coming down. Also excuses (some of which were lies) and other times he flat out didn’t bother. And he wonders why I call him on it. But she makes that comment.
So, he hears me mumble how I was gonna bite my tongue and asks if I have a comment to make. So I told him no, I had too many. I ended the thing after that cause I just didn’t want to keep it going since Tabitha was right there and I knew my anger was gonna get the better of me.
I also called my best friend later on to vent. I’d be lost without him!
Fast forward to the 13th and things were pretty good. I got his presents wrapped and Adelle got there at 6 (the party was 7) to finish up the cake at wrap her presents (which kinda irked me she didn’t have it ready before she got there, but oh well, no biggie).
Christina was the first to show up with her 2 kids and we had a decent conversation. My mother and the fam showed up shortly after (Tabitha had to miss it because she went home from work sick as a dog, which sucks but wasn’t her fault. She called at least).
We had fun just talking and doing simple things, which is perhaps the one thing I like about the family get togethers. There’s nothing complex about it. It’s simply talk, eat/snack, play and enjoy.
Michelle wanted to do some singing in Lips (Xbox 360 exclusive game, pretty fun). So, I turned on the 360 and we sang. First it was Christina and Michelle who sang a couple, and then I sang a few with her. Even mother sang a song with Michelle and later, Ron (my step father, Michelle’s father).
So, that made the night worth it to me, right there.
Eventually, we got to presents. Now, before everyone else got there, Adelle and I let him open 2 gifts that were for Christmas early since he wasn’t gonna be here. He got Halo 3: ODST and Left 4 Dead 2 (both for the Xbox 360).
I saved the biggest ticket item we got him for last; thinking/knowing it would overshadow what else he got.
So he opened Christina’s and my mother’s and our smaller ones. He was happy, but nothing really made him jump. Until he got to the big ticket one. Being the big ticket item, I couldn’t’ just make it simple and wrap it and give it to him. I decided to play a joke on him.
I had kept the waffle box from this morning when he finished them up. I wrapped up the item and then put it in there (which fit perfectly) and then wrapped up the waffle box.
When I handed it to him, I told him, “Remember I told you Bryan, money’s tight now.” “I know.” So he opens it and just looks up at me. “You got me waffles??” “Well, you liked them and ate them quickly, so I got you more.” “Fine…” and he goes to put them aside. I told him to be nice and offer some to people. At first he said he didn’t want any (not catching on and by now my brother Michael is laughing up a storm) but he agreed to and started opening the box. “I can’t believe you got me –“ He just stops in midsentence seeing another present in the box and his mouth drops. “There’s another present in here! You tricked me!”
Oh, little did he know.
So he opens that and the Heavens parted that moment. It was as if God himself descended and handed to him going, “Happy birthday, here’s exactly the thing you wanted most, son.”
“YEEEESSSSSSSSS!” was the scream that came from Bryan. And I mean screams. He was crying tears of joy, and jumped up and ran around, and pounced on me and Adelle giving us hugs that I almost couldn’t breathe through.
Everyone’s asking what it is and he holds it up proudly, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2!” (for again, Xbox 360).
By now, me and my brother are both laughing up a storm, My mother is trying to get in on the action saying she helped by it too (joking of course) and everyone’s astounded by how much he’s crying from joy and just loving it.
As a side note, it’s very interesting that this happened because I had just had a conversation with Laurie via Facebook 2 days prior about how Bryan has never reacted that way to anything he’s gotten and I always felt disappointed by that. So, I got my Christmas wish here as well, which made me feel really good inside.
So, that was how Bryan’s birthday went down. Needless to say, he and Brandon went to go play the game right away (after cleaning up the wrapping paper and so forth) and he beat the game’s single player campaign 2 days later. But he still plays it the most to this day.

So, that brings me up to the 18th when he left that night. And lemme point out, that by that evening, my father hadn’t even so much as called to say Happy Birthday to my son OR me. And I called him to point it out and of course, got the same ol’ sob story of how busy he was.
Whatever, right?

Anyways, I think this is a good stopping point for now. Another decent sized entry and it switches to just being me and the cat at home anyways.

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happy happy
* * *
So it’s taken me a month and nine days, but I’m back! And on my own newly fixed and majorly improved computer, complete with Windows 7, COMPLETE Adobe Suite, Everything possible for Microsoft Office and pretty much everything I’d ever need for all my computer desires…except a decent HTML editor. *sigh*. One day I’d like to revise, update and fix my sites, but the program I used, I can’t get anymore.

One would think in over a month I’d have something substantial to talk about. That my LiveJournal would be overflowing with entries of all sorts. From random thoughts to everything my life has entailed since Adelle moved out.
While I do have stuff to update, it isn’t quite as much as one would have thought or expected. I know, I’m consistently boring. But I will go over what I can.

First and foremost, I want to point out that my son Bryan has certainly taken things a lot better/mature than I’d have thought he would. While he was certainly sad, I really feel having talked to him about it all through prior to the event, during and after really helped him to deal and understand things.
The first night was the hardest only because when it came time for Bryan to go to bed, he was so used to knocking on the office door for Adelle to tuck him in and read a story that he did so on habit and Adelle wasn’t here. That kinda bummed him and hurt me inside as well.
However, despite the rocky start, things have been going pretty decent.

Due to now solely living on my income plus Adelle’s child support, budgeting has instantly and most importantly become a focus of mine. I’m not spending much of a cent more than I have to and I’m doing everything I can to cut back costs where possible.
For instance, I’m trying to save on electricity by not only having the living room electronics (my TV, game consoles, etc) completely unplugged, the same is true of the computer, toaster (it’s a digital one), and Bryan and I from 8 to 9 on school nights do not watch any TV or play any video games. In other words, no electronics for that last hour until bed time.
Maybe that sounds a little silly and minute but there’s been a lot bigger rewards than simply saving a total of 5 hours of electricity.
This has had the added bonus of allowing us to bond more and allowing Bryan to expand his activities more than he was.
For instance, the first two nights were spent playing with his newly received Real/Extreme Ghostbusters figures and playsets (more on this later on). And we had a blast. To him it was like Christmas early and to me it was like reliving part of my childhood all over again, so it was great. We laughed and had a ball and in the end, I think I lost…and I was the good guys. Go figure.
The next several nights were spent playing with his also newly received Star Wars toys and figures. We had a lot of fun with that and there were no winners or losers. Just a lot of dead Jedi, a run over Padme and a Luke doing the driving. Oh, and a well fed Rancor.
And there’s been other things too, so I’ve been quite thankful for that.

The downside to be so tight on a budget is that I get to buy almost NO games or movies, but have to instead rely on borrowing more from my brother, which I really don’t like doing, but unfortunately, I just have to suck it up and deal with it. Right now, everything seems to be working out, but if it ever gets too close for comfort, I can tell you now, the cable TV (not internet) will be the first to go. It might upset Bryan to not have TV to watch, but we’d save $55 a month and have plenty of movies and games to watch and play. And sure, I’d miss a program here and there, but I’d get over it.

As I hinted at early, Bryan has gotten a lot of “new” toys recently. This is a result of Adelle moving out and all my stuff from storage moving in (as to eliminate a storage fee on both parts). There are those who might recall I kept a list of all my unopened (and opened) Star Wars and Ghostbusters toys and I was also quite proud to mention I had ALL my old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys (along with some unopened ones) as well.
Sadly, I just didn’t have the room to store all these things unopened. It just wasn’t possible. It was ceiling high stacks of boxes. And I knew I didn’t want to part with them. So I did what any loving father would have done…
Opened them all (except the few dupes I bought) and gave them to my son so I…er, he…could play with them. He had plenty of storage space for toys so it worked out. TMNT got its own place (it was neat playing with TMNT from new and old generations with Bryan), Star Wars got the big toy box, Ghostbusters its own place and he even has a place for all the miscellaneous stuff (comic characters, etc). So now, every school night at 8 becomes like a field day into a mini Toys R Us and we play with all the cool stuff!

As for me personally during all this time, I’ve just been keeping busy. Mostly with work. But also having to run to the store here and there.
Also been having to deal with my car way more than I’d like.
For instance, most don’t know, but I got sideswiped driving home back on the 4th of this month. I was in the right turn lane and a guy was in the lane next to me. Decided to just throw his blinker on and then and there get over. Not watch at all what he was doing. My front wheels were next to is back, so I saw the blinker come on just as he started to move.
On instinct, I swerved (and honked the horn!), pulling to the right and slowing down (not out and out slamming on the brakes so I’d end up with less control of the car). I was lucky that at the very same moment I swerved, I happened to be at a turn off and was able to follow it rather than go up on a cub and hit something.
This also saved me on any major damage to the car. Not a single dent though now the driver side was a big black mess from his Tundra pickup.
After coming to a stop and making sure Bryan was okay (he was), I got out. I don’t know about anyone else, but my first instinct with an accident is to make sure all parties are okay, not the condition of my car or anything else. That comes after checking. The guy had beat me out of his truck (again, I was making sure Bryan was okay and staying calm for both our sakes) and instead of coming over to me, he was checking out his truck (keep in mind, Tundra Vs a Focus wagon, I wouldn’t win in a battle of vehicles). His first words for me were, “I don’t see any damage to my truck.”
So, after pushing down my initial response of hitting the guy, I cool off by checking out exactly how bad my car is (because obviously, he’s fine). The guy then has the nerve to ask me what happened. I told him point blank he hit me. He says no, I sped up when he tried to get over and he isn’t going to claim liability.
So I called the police then and there.
First, lemme state this as simple as possible. I did NOT speed up. And, common sense either way is that you don’t get over THAT close to a car! That’s called cutting someone off.
The police show up about 5 minutes later and do an information exchange. Unfortunately because there were no witnesses, they couldn’t do anything, but the guy stuck to his story of me speeding up. And it’s funny, because aside from that aspect, both stories were the same (he got over, not me).
Unfortunately, the night only got worse form there. The police left, that guy left and I tried to leave, but because the police had me keep my headlights on, it killed my car battery (I couldn’t keep the engine running as I was practically on E with light on and was trying to get to a gas station when this all happened).
So, I had to sit there 35 minutes to wait for my mother to come from her home to give me a jump. They followed me to the gas station and then Food Lion where I had to pick up trash bags and a couple of things to clean the house from Adelle’s leaving, then back to my house. When all was said and done, we didn’t get to eat dinner till 8:30pm (and I had gotten off work at 5!)
It was a miserable night.
Originally, I wasn’t gonna report the thing to my insurance company. The reason being was that because of no witnesses, it was he said versus what I said and I didn’t see anything getting resolved. And, he could easily lie and try to say I hit him. And with money being tight, I didn’t want to risk insurance going up on me.
About 3 days later, both mine and his insurance company call me about it anyways. He reported it. I thought the worst because it didn’t make sense for him to report what he tried to tell me and the police so I assumed he had lied. So I gave them my version of what happened and they told me they’d get back with me.
Mine never did, but his did.
And turns out the guy was an idiot and told the exact same story and so they found him at fault for an unsafe lane change. So, as a result, they are currently paying not only to fix the damages ($1115.26 worth) but for a rental car all the while.

So, that’s the biggest thing that’s happened since I’ve been MIA online. There’s still a lot more to talk about. Christmas, birthdays and misc stuff, but this entry is decent in length, it’s getting late and I’m tired, so I need to break it up in chunks. Later all.

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hyper bombarded
* * *
Now that I have the 2 longest entries out of the way, I can get into the more basic things. All the happenings of day to day just wouldn’t have fit in those last 2, so I apologize in advance for all the reading I’m forcing on people.

Work has been slow. Not financially breaking me, but I’ve noticed a $25 drop on average to my total check, which equals $50 a month I’m missing. But that’s the economy for you. I’m thankful to still have a job and to be doing as good as I am, honestly.
I’m praying things will pick up.

Reading has gotten better. I finished Star Trek: Vulcan’s Soul trilogy and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Vulcan’s history and past. I loved seeing the founding of Romulus and Remas and learning how Surak impacting Vulcan essentially to its core.
And it was good seeing Spock back in the spotlight even set prior to the events in Nemesis. Definitely worth a read.
I also managed to read two more books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, which as I’ve mentioned before is a terrific series for kids and really has great humor than nostalgia will help older people relate to. The third book is called The Last Straw and the fourth is called Dog Days. All I can say is that not since Calvin and Hobbes has a child character entertained me so much. I really strongly recommend these books to everyone. It’s something fun and light hearted and different. And they only take a couple hours to read.
After that, I read Star Trek: Voyager: Full Circle. I’m very glad I did as after reading Star Trek: TNG: Resistance, ST: TNG: Before Dishonor and the ST: Destiny quad, I wasn’t feeling good about the Voyager crew that I’d come to love for 7 year in the Delta Quadrant. The relaunch novels started with a lot of potential but then it seemed Voyager got the shaft in anything afterwards.
Full circle goes a long way to clarify, add to and expand on a lot of the events that took place during and between those novels while setting Voyager up for getting back to its roots.
Yes, Admiral Janeway is still dead, but this book really gave her death meaning and now I feel closure on that character. I felt a little hollow when she died in Before Dishonor, but no more. It makes sense now.
B’Leanna and her daughter Miral are alive and well despite having read prior they were dead (and this explains why you read such prior). There’s also a lot of let over themes and plots from the show and previous books that get resolved her. Seven’s transformation into a full human isn’t going so well (The Borg no longer exist for those that don’t know), Chekotay and Janeway’s feelings are brought into focus and the rest of the crew finds their way back together, with the exception of Chekotay and Seven (who have their own mission now to figure out what’s happening to Seven and Chekotay left Starfleet) and Tuvok who is serving on the Titan under Riker.
And Voyager is heading back to the Delta Quadrant. (Not stranded though).
If you’re not a Trek fan, then I’m sure I bored everyone. But it you are, I say this is a great book to pick up and get reacquainted.
Now I’m trying to decide on what to read next. I think I’m gonna read Halo: Contact Harvest next. I loved the first 4, this shouldn’t be any different.

Video games have certainly been in the forefront as well. I managed to get 1000/1000 on Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 and I really enjoyed the game. I think the first had the better story, but the gameplay on this one I think is more fluid, varied and fun, and I wouldn’t mind going through the game a third time.
I also decided to go ahead and get the latest DLC for The Force Unleashed to get the rest of the Achievements. Not worth 800 points. Looks great, fun add to the story, and fun battles. But it takes all of ten minutes to finish. So $12.50 is too much to spend on that. Save it for the Sith Edition coming in November.
Got a few more Achievements in Rock Band 2. Just a few for the Challenges that I kept putting off. Also downloaded the 10 song Queen track pack. I’m loving that one. Great song selection, from I Want To Break Free and One vision to Somebody to Love and Under Pressure.
Almost done with Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes now. I’m not crazy over the game. It’s okay and keeps me entertained, but I can’t say its worth $50 (I borrowed it from my brother). The graphics aren’t quite what I’d expect and the gameplay is somewhat kiddy-fied. I’m hoping to finish it up soon.
After that, I borrowed Mini Ninjas from my brother as well.

Movies I managed to just get back into. Bought Green Lantern: First Flight on blu-ray on release day and I have enjoyed that a lot. The art is really nice, the voice acting was good and I liked how while it was decently true to the origin story and comics in general, there was some unique moments as well and the ending left it open for a lot more to be done. Also tributes to more recent storylines as well. If you like Green Lantern (especially Hal Jordan), pick this up.
Second movie I got was Superman/Batman: Public enemies on blu-ray. The art style took a little getting used to for me since they used both the Superman:TAS and Batman:TAS voice actors for Batman and Superman, but once I got passed that, I loved it (and I do love the voice actors, I’m just used to picturing TAS art style to go with it). The storyline is based on the comic story arc of the same name and it’s a pretty deep story. The fight scenes were great and the voice acting was amazing too.
Lastly I got Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen on DVD. LOVED IT!. I think the first was a little better for keeping it “down to earth” so to speak, but the action and humor was definitely upped in this one. Overall, I equate it to the first.

And I guess that’s about it. I freed up everything in the 2 posts prior to this. Hope everyone else is doing well.


Emotional Undertone:
depressed Down
* * *
There’s something wanting out
I don’t know what
Afraid to know
Hurting, needing to let go
A raw emotion
A broken dam
It overcomes and suffocates
To no end, my soul it penetrates
A need to scream
Quick release
When its done can I stand tall
Or have I set myself up to fall
What will you see?
Will it still be me?
Irrevocably changed
Yet everything the same
Can’t make anything of this broken scene
I need help
I need leaving alone
If only a voice on the telephone
Someone please, take my hand
Lead me, guide me, show me the way
At the very least point me in some direction

So I don’t know exactly where that came from. I typed that in 2 seconds, having an urge to get this undefined feeling out of my chest. It’s still there, an almost solid lump that came out of nowhere.
The days have been pretty decent, but I think my heart’s been running amuck. Usually my thoughts go with it and I can understand this feeling, but since I’ve been maintaining control, my heart seems to have trekked off on it’s own to explore without telling me.
I don’t like feeling this way, it worries me. And the more I read what my fingers typed within a blur, it’s nothing easy coming on the horizon.

Any thoughts?

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weird weird
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Rob Thomas - Fire On the Mountain
* * *
Now that I unloaded my baggage in its own entry I can get to the more common things.

Work has drastically slowed down. I don’t know if it’s because we finally got our computer systems back up running (roughly) right that we’ve managed to get caught up or what, but it’s definitely back to the slow time, which isn’t all that promising since Christmas isn’t that far off.
I’m doing okay commission wise since what orders we’ve gotten we nice sized, but I’m still weary.
Things with the boss have continuously gotten better again which is good. I’m glad. Again I can’t say how worried I was in what direction that might have taken. But I’m glad it didn’t.

As far as reading goes, nothing too new. I’m two thirds done that Star Trek book and I’m really enjoying it. I know, that isn’t all that much to say on it, but what do you expect? It’s a 3-in-1 hardback. It’s gonna be a slow read.

Video Games have been going good though!
Batman: Arkham Asylum was an amazing game and I am happy to say I have not only beaten the game (twice), but I have 1000/1000 of the Achievements/Gamerscore for the game! The storyline was amazing, the graphics breath-taking (though maybe a hair on the “shiny” side, meaning making everything look like it’s plastic/reflective of light), music was great and the voice acting supurb!! Kevin Conroy as Batman, Mark Hamill as Joker and sadly, I don’t know her name, but the girl who voiced Harley Quinn on Batman:TAS is back for the role too. The hardest part was actually the combat challenges for 2 of the Achievements. If games can make you angry, this will set it off to no end…but dang, the satisfaction was such a rush when you did manage to pull it off. The game is worth picking up!
Oblivion …what can I say about this game? Outstandning. It’s hard to believe after playing this game for now 92 hours total time that I was so against this game because it was a first person view in an RPG game. But it worked and I loved the storylines from all the quests, main and otherwise. 92 hours has netted me 1250/1250 of Achievements and Gamerscore but I still haven’t finished a lot of the quests. I’ve still be going back here and there to keep decorating my Castle. I definitely love the variety of options you have in the rpg aspect. I don’t see stopping completely any time soon
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is the newest pickup but I haven’t’ so much as tried it yet. My son has and he loves it more than the first, but I’ll decide when I try it. I hope to start it Thursday since I’m off.
My son recently bought (with his own money) Wolfenstein that just came out and that looks pretty decent and he can’t get enough of that game. He’s beaten it three times already, beating it on the hardest difficulty and plays multiplayer as well. I’m looking forward to trying that too.

I guess that’s about it really for now. Not much in the music way right now. Till Later.

Emotional Undertone:
tired tired
* * *
* * *