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Now that I have the 2 longest entries out of the way, I can get into the more basic things. All the happenings of day to day just wouldn’t have fit in those last 2, so I apologize in advance for all the reading I’m forcing on people.

Work has been slow. Not financially breaking me, but I’ve noticed a $25 drop on average to my total check, which equals $50 a month I’m missing. But that’s the economy for you. I’m thankful to still have a job and to be doing as good as I am, honestly.
I’m praying things will pick up.

Reading has gotten better. I finished Star Trek: Vulcan’s Soul trilogy and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing Vulcan’s history and past. I loved seeing the founding of Romulus and Remas and learning how Surak impacting Vulcan essentially to its core.
And it was good seeing Spock back in the spotlight even set prior to the events in Nemesis. Definitely worth a read.
I also managed to read two more books in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, which as I’ve mentioned before is a terrific series for kids and really has great humor than nostalgia will help older people relate to. The third book is called The Last Straw and the fourth is called Dog Days. All I can say is that not since Calvin and Hobbes has a child character entertained me so much. I really strongly recommend these books to everyone. It’s something fun and light hearted and different. And they only take a couple hours to read.
After that, I read Star Trek: Voyager: Full Circle. I’m very glad I did as after reading Star Trek: TNG: Resistance, ST: TNG: Before Dishonor and the ST: Destiny quad, I wasn’t feeling good about the Voyager crew that I’d come to love for 7 year in the Delta Quadrant. The relaunch novels started with a lot of potential but then it seemed Voyager got the shaft in anything afterwards.
Full circle goes a long way to clarify, add to and expand on a lot of the events that took place during and between those novels while setting Voyager up for getting back to its roots.
Yes, Admiral Janeway is still dead, but this book really gave her death meaning and now I feel closure on that character. I felt a little hollow when she died in Before Dishonor, but no more. It makes sense now.
B’Leanna and her daughter Miral are alive and well despite having read prior they were dead (and this explains why you read such prior). There’s also a lot of let over themes and plots from the show and previous books that get resolved her. Seven’s transformation into a full human isn’t going so well (The Borg no longer exist for those that don’t know), Chekotay and Janeway’s feelings are brought into focus and the rest of the crew finds their way back together, with the exception of Chekotay and Seven (who have their own mission now to figure out what’s happening to Seven and Chekotay left Starfleet) and Tuvok who is serving on the Titan under Riker.
And Voyager is heading back to the Delta Quadrant. (Not stranded though).
If you’re not a Trek fan, then I’m sure I bored everyone. But it you are, I say this is a great book to pick up and get reacquainted.
Now I’m trying to decide on what to read next. I think I’m gonna read Halo: Contact Harvest next. I loved the first 4, this shouldn’t be any different.

Video games have certainly been in the forefront as well. I managed to get 1000/1000 on Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance 2 and I really enjoyed the game. I think the first had the better story, but the gameplay on this one I think is more fluid, varied and fun, and I wouldn’t mind going through the game a third time.
I also decided to go ahead and get the latest DLC for The Force Unleashed to get the rest of the Achievements. Not worth 800 points. Looks great, fun add to the story, and fun battles. But it takes all of ten minutes to finish. So $12.50 is too much to spend on that. Save it for the Sith Edition coming in November.
Got a few more Achievements in Rock Band 2. Just a few for the Challenges that I kept putting off. Also downloaded the 10 song Queen track pack. I’m loving that one. Great song selection, from I Want To Break Free and One vision to Somebody to Love and Under Pressure.
Almost done with Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes now. I’m not crazy over the game. It’s okay and keeps me entertained, but I can’t say its worth $50 (I borrowed it from my brother). The graphics aren’t quite what I’d expect and the gameplay is somewhat kiddy-fied. I’m hoping to finish it up soon.
After that, I borrowed Mini Ninjas from my brother as well.

Movies I managed to just get back into. Bought Green Lantern: First Flight on blu-ray on release day and I have enjoyed that a lot. The art is really nice, the voice acting was good and I liked how while it was decently true to the origin story and comics in general, there was some unique moments as well and the ending left it open for a lot more to be done. Also tributes to more recent storylines as well. If you like Green Lantern (especially Hal Jordan), pick this up.
Second movie I got was Superman/Batman: Public enemies on blu-ray. The art style took a little getting used to for me since they used both the Superman:TAS and Batman:TAS voice actors for Batman and Superman, but once I got passed that, I loved it (and I do love the voice actors, I’m just used to picturing TAS art style to go with it). The storyline is based on the comic story arc of the same name and it’s a pretty deep story. The fight scenes were great and the voice acting was amazing too.
Lastly I got Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen on DVD. LOVED IT!. I think the first was a little better for keeping it “down to earth” so to speak, but the action and humor was definitely upped in this one. Overall, I equate it to the first.

And I guess that’s about it. I freed up everything in the 2 posts prior to this. Hope everyone else is doing well.


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On October 29th, 2009 03:54 am (UTC), fredozzel commented:
Uh I think force unleashed sith ed is out already?
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On October 30th, 2009 01:45 am (UTC), carddreamer replied:
Nope, November 3rd
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