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Explosion Part 1

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So it’s taken me a month and nine days, but I’m back! And on my own newly fixed and majorly improved computer, complete with Windows 7, COMPLETE Adobe Suite, Everything possible for Microsoft Office and pretty much everything I’d ever need for all my computer desires…except a decent HTML editor. *sigh*. One day I’d like to revise, update and fix my sites, but the program I used, I can’t get anymore.

One would think in over a month I’d have something substantial to talk about. That my LiveJournal would be overflowing with entries of all sorts. From random thoughts to everything my life has entailed since Adelle moved out.
While I do have stuff to update, it isn’t quite as much as one would have thought or expected. I know, I’m consistently boring. But I will go over what I can.

First and foremost, I want to point out that my son Bryan has certainly taken things a lot better/mature than I’d have thought he would. While he was certainly sad, I really feel having talked to him about it all through prior to the event, during and after really helped him to deal and understand things.
The first night was the hardest only because when it came time for Bryan to go to bed, he was so used to knocking on the office door for Adelle to tuck him in and read a story that he did so on habit and Adelle wasn’t here. That kinda bummed him and hurt me inside as well.
However, despite the rocky start, things have been going pretty decent.

Due to now solely living on my income plus Adelle’s child support, budgeting has instantly and most importantly become a focus of mine. I’m not spending much of a cent more than I have to and I’m doing everything I can to cut back costs where possible.
For instance, I’m trying to save on electricity by not only having the living room electronics (my TV, game consoles, etc) completely unplugged, the same is true of the computer, toaster (it’s a digital one), and Bryan and I from 8 to 9 on school nights do not watch any TV or play any video games. In other words, no electronics for that last hour until bed time.
Maybe that sounds a little silly and minute but there’s been a lot bigger rewards than simply saving a total of 5 hours of electricity.
This has had the added bonus of allowing us to bond more and allowing Bryan to expand his activities more than he was.
For instance, the first two nights were spent playing with his newly received Real/Extreme Ghostbusters figures and playsets (more on this later on). And we had a blast. To him it was like Christmas early and to me it was like reliving part of my childhood all over again, so it was great. We laughed and had a ball and in the end, I think I lost…and I was the good guys. Go figure.
The next several nights were spent playing with his also newly received Star Wars toys and figures. We had a lot of fun with that and there were no winners or losers. Just a lot of dead Jedi, a run over Padme and a Luke doing the driving. Oh, and a well fed Rancor.
And there’s been other things too, so I’ve been quite thankful for that.

The downside to be so tight on a budget is that I get to buy almost NO games or movies, but have to instead rely on borrowing more from my brother, which I really don’t like doing, but unfortunately, I just have to suck it up and deal with it. Right now, everything seems to be working out, but if it ever gets too close for comfort, I can tell you now, the cable TV (not internet) will be the first to go. It might upset Bryan to not have TV to watch, but we’d save $55 a month and have plenty of movies and games to watch and play. And sure, I’d miss a program here and there, but I’d get over it.

As I hinted at early, Bryan has gotten a lot of “new” toys recently. This is a result of Adelle moving out and all my stuff from storage moving in (as to eliminate a storage fee on both parts). There are those who might recall I kept a list of all my unopened (and opened) Star Wars and Ghostbusters toys and I was also quite proud to mention I had ALL my old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys (along with some unopened ones) as well.
Sadly, I just didn’t have the room to store all these things unopened. It just wasn’t possible. It was ceiling high stacks of boxes. And I knew I didn’t want to part with them. So I did what any loving father would have done…
Opened them all (except the few dupes I bought) and gave them to my son so I…er, he…could play with them. He had plenty of storage space for toys so it worked out. TMNT got its own place (it was neat playing with TMNT from new and old generations with Bryan), Star Wars got the big toy box, Ghostbusters its own place and he even has a place for all the miscellaneous stuff (comic characters, etc). So now, every school night at 8 becomes like a field day into a mini Toys R Us and we play with all the cool stuff!

As for me personally during all this time, I’ve just been keeping busy. Mostly with work. But also having to run to the store here and there.
Also been having to deal with my car way more than I’d like.
For instance, most don’t know, but I got sideswiped driving home back on the 4th of this month. I was in the right turn lane and a guy was in the lane next to me. Decided to just throw his blinker on and then and there get over. Not watch at all what he was doing. My front wheels were next to is back, so I saw the blinker come on just as he started to move.
On instinct, I swerved (and honked the horn!), pulling to the right and slowing down (not out and out slamming on the brakes so I’d end up with less control of the car). I was lucky that at the very same moment I swerved, I happened to be at a turn off and was able to follow it rather than go up on a cub and hit something.
This also saved me on any major damage to the car. Not a single dent though now the driver side was a big black mess from his Tundra pickup.
After coming to a stop and making sure Bryan was okay (he was), I got out. I don’t know about anyone else, but my first instinct with an accident is to make sure all parties are okay, not the condition of my car or anything else. That comes after checking. The guy had beat me out of his truck (again, I was making sure Bryan was okay and staying calm for both our sakes) and instead of coming over to me, he was checking out his truck (keep in mind, Tundra Vs a Focus wagon, I wouldn’t win in a battle of vehicles). His first words for me were, “I don’t see any damage to my truck.”
So, after pushing down my initial response of hitting the guy, I cool off by checking out exactly how bad my car is (because obviously, he’s fine). The guy then has the nerve to ask me what happened. I told him point blank he hit me. He says no, I sped up when he tried to get over and he isn’t going to claim liability.
So I called the police then and there.
First, lemme state this as simple as possible. I did NOT speed up. And, common sense either way is that you don’t get over THAT close to a car! That’s called cutting someone off.
The police show up about 5 minutes later and do an information exchange. Unfortunately because there were no witnesses, they couldn’t do anything, but the guy stuck to his story of me speeding up. And it’s funny, because aside from that aspect, both stories were the same (he got over, not me).
Unfortunately, the night only got worse form there. The police left, that guy left and I tried to leave, but because the police had me keep my headlights on, it killed my car battery (I couldn’t keep the engine running as I was practically on E with light on and was trying to get to a gas station when this all happened).
So, I had to sit there 35 minutes to wait for my mother to come from her home to give me a jump. They followed me to the gas station and then Food Lion where I had to pick up trash bags and a couple of things to clean the house from Adelle’s leaving, then back to my house. When all was said and done, we didn’t get to eat dinner till 8:30pm (and I had gotten off work at 5!)
It was a miserable night.
Originally, I wasn’t gonna report the thing to my insurance company. The reason being was that because of no witnesses, it was he said versus what I said and I didn’t see anything getting resolved. And, he could easily lie and try to say I hit him. And with money being tight, I didn’t want to risk insurance going up on me.
About 3 days later, both mine and his insurance company call me about it anyways. He reported it. I thought the worst because it didn’t make sense for him to report what he tried to tell me and the police so I assumed he had lied. So I gave them my version of what happened and they told me they’d get back with me.
Mine never did, but his did.
And turns out the guy was an idiot and told the exact same story and so they found him at fault for an unsafe lane change. So, as a result, they are currently paying not only to fix the damages ($1115.26 worth) but for a rental car all the while.

So, that’s the biggest thing that’s happened since I’ve been MIA online. There’s still a lot more to talk about. Christmas, birthdays and misc stuff, but this entry is decent in length, it’s getting late and I’m tired, so I need to break it up in chunks. Later all.

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On December 30th, 2009 04:41 am (UTC), carddreamer replied:
believe me, I'm getting sick of the drivers too. Just ignorant people anymore.

And where you been? We need to catch up!!
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