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Little Explosion Finale!

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I know, a long time between explosions and this is probably going to turn out to be a small bang rather than an explosion.

Not much happened since they left the night of the 18th. The bright spot was finally having one more White Christmas in my lifetime. Not that there isn’t a chance for it again, but it’s rare to get snow at all, let alone around that time around here. I was very happy. In fact, it snowed enough that work opened late and closed early that Saturday (the 19th) and stuck around a decent while.

Christmas itself was…OKAY. It wasn’t the worst one I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t all that great. I ended up getting a nice Southpole t-shirt, box of chocolates and $10 gift card to McDonald’s from my boss which was really cool of her. From my mother, I got a cool Halo Wars t-shirt. And from my father I got $40, only because he felt guilty about some of the things we had argued about, but he didn’t buy anyone else anything, or give them money except his grandkids and Tabitha and her husband. And that was just baby stuff.

I did find out my father made some stupid comments to Tabitha and my mother the night of the 26th when he came down for his part of Christmas. He had come down the evening of the 26th, calling me in advanced that morning even to ask if I was going to be available for dinner. (Un)fortunately I was not as Michelle, Michael, Steven, Brandon and I had all made plans to go see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks “squeakual” that evening.
Right there I think that annoyed him but he didn’t say anything. Just, “Okay, that’s fine.” He did ask me to let him know when I got home so he could drop off some of my stuff, one of which was my newly repaired computer.
So, after the movie (which by the way, we had a lot of fun at and was really good, fun movie) we went back to my mothers to take them back and pick up some groceries that my mother picked up for me.
When I gathered it all up and paid her, I made the comment I had to get back for father and she mentioned that dad had been at Tabitha’s when they got back from shopping and talked to them there.
Part of the conversation entailed details on when Tabitha, my mother and Ron (my stepfather) all came over to help me clean my house just prior to Bryan leaving (was right after my accident). They were a very huge help, getting my Living Room and Kitchen completely in order (and 90% of the hall bathroom. I just can’t use my shower now because what things I don’t have a place for left are in that, but it IS scrubbed clean). We had pizza that night and despite the cleaning, it was a lot of fun.
So, when they mentioned it to my father, he makes the comment that she shouldn’t have helped, that it prevented me from “growing up”.
I don’t know anyone who can consistently make me go “W…T…Fetch!?” like my father.
This is going from the guy who was so desperate to be a jerk in how he left our mother that he called home and had daddy pay for #2’s (first step mother) plane ticket to PA!
This is also the same person who, after the third marriage fell apart, moved back in with his own mother!
And is on his 4th marriage.
Yet, I’m the one who wasn’t able to grow up because they helped me clean my own home…
I really don’t know what I can add or say to that. I think I finally found something I can’t make a smart or sarcastic remark to.
And again, I think that’s part of why he gave me $40 the next day before our Christmas get together at Christina’s.

After that, the rest of the days went by pretty uneventful. Bryan came home the next day (which I was very happy to have him back again) and things have been kind of up and down since then.

That more or less, brings us up to the present. I’ll make that its own entry as I want to keep the major catch ups to their own entries.

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