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In The Life Of CD

One Day At A Time

Card Dreamer
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I'm a laid back person, really. but I tend to dwell on things a lot, be it social problems or personal. Be it love or just global issues. I have a lot of ideas and concepts about the world in which we live, some of which aren't widely accepted by many, feeling we're too lost or set in our ways to make things work the way they should rather than how to make it by within...
I hope as I write and update this journal, not only will I grow, but those who stay with me through this journey may grow with me...

I would also like to note to those new to my journal that, I will never post more than one entry a day. HOWEVER, I do post more than once a day within an entry. I will keep adding to it, so remember to check entries maybe once during the midday, and once late at night (or simply wait a day before reading the entry prior =P)